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Forrest 8" Dado King Saw Blades

Forrest 8" Dado King Saw Blades

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Dado King 8 In. Saw Blade Set

Choose the 8-Inch Dado King Saw Blade Set, 2 Outside Blades, 6 Chippers and Blade Runner Carrying Case, when you need to cut dado grooves in almost any material. It makes flat-bottomed cuts in any direction, rip, miter or crosscut, without tearing or chipping. The Forrest 8-inch Dado King saw blade set cuts 1/4-inch to 29/32-inch wide grooves in increments of 1/32 of an inch. It's an excellent choice when working with plywood veneers, solid stock or melamine. Made from corrosion-resistant C-4 carbide, these blades have a cutting life that's up to 300 percent longer than other blades, even when cutting abrasive composites. This Forrest crosscut saw blade set has a standard 5/8-inch arbor that fits most saws.


  •  Forrest 8-inch Dado King saw blade set includes 2 outside trim blades, 6 chippers, shims and carrying case
  •  Cuts dado grooves 1/4-inch to 29/32-inch wide in 1/32-inch increments
  •  Rip, crosscut or miter solid stock, ply veneers and melamine without chipping or splintering
  •  Produces flat-bottomed cuts with no staggering or rounding
  •  24 teeth on trim blades, 4 teeth on chippers
  •  Durable C-4 carbide teeth on all blades last up to 300 percent longer between sharpenings
  •  Standard 5/8-inch arbor
  •  This Forrest carbide saw blade set has a 30-day money back guarantee; Made in USA
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