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Coarse 220 Grit Sharpening Stone

Coarse 220 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Arato (Coarse) Stone Grit#220 205mmx75mmx50mm
produced by Miyakoshi Sharpening Stone Company in Kyoto

This manmade 220 grit coarse stone is mainly made from grains of silicon carbide
of which hardness is as hard as diamond. This grain has a cloggy and horny particle and resistant to heat. The grains are baked with ceramic bonding material at 1,300C degree and this vitrified structure creates superior grinding effect. Prior to use,the stone must be soaked for 3 minutes in water-filled container. It is recommendable to carefully remove the grains of coarse stones remained in water container, etc, before sharpening by Aoto stone. Also, keep rectifying the surface of the stones by water resistant paper #100 or ceramic block with water.

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