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Sculpted Rocking Chair SEPT 11-17, 2023

Sculpted Rocking Chair SEPT 11-17, 2023

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The focus of this class will be making a sculpted rocking chair. We will explore the joinery, bent lamination, sculpting, balance and comfort that make this chair so special. This is an advanced class and requires the student to have knowledge and experience with basic hand tools like rasps, gouges, spokeshaves and block planes.

We will also use a grinder and power-carver to help shape the seat and different parts of the chair. The class will move at a very fast pace. The goals for this class are to have all the joinery done, the seat carved and the chair assembled, including
the placement of the rockers. The final shaping and sanding will be left to the individual’s own interpretation and creativity.

$1795.00 (Includes all materials

$500.00 Deposit (Balance due 30 days before class.)

Recommended Tools:  Eye Protection (Mandatory), Dust & Hearing Protection, Tape Measure, Combination Square, Chisels, Calipers, Card Scrapers, Dozuki Saw, Dovetail Saw, Planes, Random Orbital Sander, Marking Gauge, Marking Knife, Rasps, Gouges, Angle Grinder, Spoke Shave, 4-1/2 Grinder, Grinding Wheel, Block Plane, Rat Tail Rasp

Skill Level:  
Intermediate / Advanced

Dates:  Sept 11 – 17, 2023

9am - 5pm

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