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Blacker House-Inspired Chair - NEXT Oct 21-28, 2023

Blacker House-Inspired Chair - NEXT Oct 21-28, 2023

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This is perhaps the most difficult class we offer at our school. This class is not for the faint-hearted. This chair will challenge every area of your woodworking skill. We will be dealing with angles, proportion, chair design, choosing wood grain, sculpting of the crest rail using an angle grinder, inlay techniques for the back slat, scribing techniques, angled mortise & tenons, and compound angles. We'll also be covering details such as leg indents, angled ebony splines, brackets, and ebony plugs. You'll also learn many "tricks of the trade" such as developing jigs and thinking ahead. On top of the wealth of knowledge and skills built during the class, you get to take home in my opinion one of the most beautifully designed chairs ever.


Approx. 24"D, 24"W, 42"H


$1,595.00 (Includes all materials)                        .
$500.00 Deposit (Balance due 30 days before class)

Recommended Tools:

Eye Protection (Mandatory), Dust & Hearing Protection, Tape Measure, Combination Square, Chisels, Calipers, Card Scrapers, Dozuki Saw, Dovetail Saw, Planes, Random Orbital Sander, Marking Gauge, Marking Knife, Rasps, Gouges, Angle Grinder, Spoke Shave, Block Plane

Skill Level:
 Intermediate / Advanced


 October 21-28, 2023

Time:  9am - 5pm

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